Our Strategic Mission is to be our customers' most efficient and cost effective reverse logistics and remanufacturing / refurbishment technology deployment partner by achieving total customer satisfaction… that's why AJR’s Mission focuses on you and our Mission is simple:

  • Increase your revenue by utilizing our expertise, experience and staff
  • Reduce your costs by eliminating the overhead involved with these services
  • Get rid of your headaches so that you can concentrate on manufacturing and innovation

Our method of meeting these goals for our customers is achieved through superior professional personnel, proven systems, state of the art facilities and infrastructure, and pride in our service. Comprehensive services from reverse logistics / repair / remanufacturing / refurbishment including design to delivery and back.

  • AJR has far-reaching services and can cater to electronics products at any stage, from concept to market and back for remanufacture / refurbishment / repair.

Consistent culture processes and values

When a business works with AJR it will have a consistent experience. AJR employees share information, undergo the same continuing education training and must uphold uniform quality standards and values.

An established infrastructure and expertise

When businesses turn to AJR, they can focus on what they do best: innovate and grow. AJR’s facilities in Chicago and Minneapolis alleviate risk because manufacturing operations don't have to be shared with repair and remanufacturing / refurbishment.

A faster, more cost-effective road to market

AJR's leading remanufacturing / refurbishment technology and testing expertise focus on fine-tuning to highlight design flaws moves products quickly and efficiently.

The key to a better bottom line

Electronics companies of all sizes are realizing greater profitability as a result of outsourcing their reverse logistics and remanufacturing / refurbishment to AJR. AJR has the expertise to make remanufacturing / refurbishment, distributing and providing aftermarket services as efficient as possible.

Quality Certification

Our Quality Policy focuses on continuous improvements by delivering products and services that meet all the requirements of its customers. AJR is committed to respond and meet its customer's needs, with quality products, services and on time delivery.

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