Technical Competence and Remanufacturing / Refurbishment

AJR has steadily built its business on a foundation of electronic technical expertise and a structured and mature quality system. The result is diverse repair capabilities under the most stringent quality controls. We encourage team involvement to identify and contribute to our quality process. We continually raise the bar on such measurables as product quality and on time delivery. We maintain the highest degree of training and utilize the most advanced equipment available.

This includes expert troubleshooting capabilities, software upgrading and component level repairs. All remanufacturing/repairs are made in a clean, ESD-free environment to ensure quality and reliability. All customer specific modifications, repairs and software updates are performed. Cosmetic and component replacements are done when necessary or to take a product to a like new condition. Redundant quality control stations throughout the facility continuously checks quality of remanufacturing/repair systems.